Latrece Williams McKnight is the president at McKnight Williams & Associates. With over 25 years of leadership development experience under her belt, she helps her clients improve their online visibility, launch products and scale their businesses. She offers personal development and children and youth leadership development services. Additionally, Latrece is a founding partner and certified coach with the John C. Maxwell Team and a member of The Forbes Coaches Council of leading business and career coaches..

In 2016 Latrece won The ARCHI Magazine Orator of the Year. She also developed a membership site, The Pride, for womenpreneurs. The community focuses on growing women both personally and professionally. At 44 Latrece began raising her 2-year-old grandson and then 2 years later began raising her 4month old granddaughter. At 46, with two little ones, Latrece decided to LEAP FULL FORCE into building her business. With obstacles coming every which way, she persevered through struggles and disappointments to grow a successful Coaching and Speaking business. Growing her six-figure business, by empowering other women her age to do the same, has been her greatest accomplishment. “It’s not my accomplishments that make me a success, but it’s what I inspire other people to do that makes me a success” ~ Latrece